Crazy Pink Revolvers were formed in 1986 after Stan Stammers recruited James Adam Bolton to play guitar, whom he had met at a gig at the then Town & Country Club (The Forum) in Kentish Town, London.

When Stan was looking for a name for his new band, his friend Annie Watkins suggested the name Crazy Pink Revolvers, which she was going to use for her new clothes shop, Stan instantly loved it, and decided to use the name.

Both Stan and Adam spent from early 1986 until August 1986 writing songs, and looking for musicians, and around August 1986 Stan knew this really good drummer called Jake Slee, who lived in the same area and was promptly asked to fill the drum stool. Daniel Drummond sang with a band called "Lack of Knowledge", singing kind of political punk stuff, and he was introduced to the band and was hired.

At that time the band use to rehearse in Wapping East London and also at Elephant and Castle Sunday School, and other places around North London/South London. It was in these rehearsal rooms that the band got together the songs for their first album, First Down. Stefan the singer of Living in Texas, who were mates of Stan's from touring with Spear of Destiny, had started Chainsaw Records, and wanted to record CPR. So, without having played any gigs, they recorded 'First Down!' at RMS Studios in South London in January 1987.

CPR played their first live gig at Fulham Greyhound on Friday 13th February 1987, supported by Last Salute a band formed by Barnet Mark one of Stan's best mates. There were about 400 people there for the first gig and CPR went down really well. On CPR's first live gigs, Mat Fraser from Living in Texas helped out, until they found Laurent Reignier as their resident drummer.

In the middle of 1987 Danny left the band, so Stan moved to Lead Vocals and Lead Bass, playing 4 and 5 stringed basses. Colin Brown who was a mate of Stan and the band, was asked to take up the duties on Rhythm Bass, he was one of the Belfast Crew.

John Curd came onto the scene around this time, everyone knew him as a promoter for years, he did all the best shows in London. John had the ABC records label, so Curdy came to see CPR and liked them, he had known Stan well for years. So in early 1987 CPR signed to John Curds ABC Records label and recorded the 'Timeless Smiles EP' at The Lodge in Clare, Suffolk.

In December 1987 Colin left the band because he had other things on his mind, and wasn't really keeping up with Lau's brilliant drumming, so Lau's brother Tristan then took up the Rhythm Bass duties.

In early 1988 the band recorded their second album 'At the Rivers Edge' at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire, and from this the band were invited on the Jiffy Safe Sex Tour, joining two other London bands, Lightning Strikes and Boys Wonder.

In January 1989 CPR recorded their second single, 'Wednesday 19:45' again at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire, and was remixed by Jeremy Green. The single which was taken from the album, was a lament to the victims of the Kings Cross fire on the London Underground in 1988. During this time CPR also toured Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, France as well as the United States.

As of December 2017 Crazy Pink Revolvers have reformed and will be touring in the United Kingdom from May 2018.

Crazy Pink Revolvers Artwork